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Inspiring Capital

Role: Creative Director

Inspiring Capital is a B-Corp that specializes in consulting and training for companies and professionals who want to use their skills to contribute to social or environmental change that inspires them.  They needed help with their branding, messaging, and logo development to leave them time to do their inspiring work.

We began by leading a day-long branding workshop that brought the group’s key stakeholders into a room together, giving them time to talk through the mission of their work in-depth.  
In this process we developed the core narrative of the company providing a guide to the way  Inspiring Capital expresses itself, from key messaging and logos to brand videos, publications and speeches.


After the workshop was complete, we worked together with key Inspiring Capital stakeholders to settle on a core brand message — “Powering Purposeful Growth” — that then served as the foundation for a range of executions, including a book of brand guidelines, logo, typeography and key messaging.

Inspiring Capital Logo Animation
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