Role: Creative Director

Xerox was facing a communication challenge; a key audience of IT professionals were becoming increasingly disengaged with Xerox's online content. We were invited to re-invigorate this audience by finding new ways to communicate the benefits of their B2B services.

Traditionally, these kinds of communications strictly adhered to corporate-branding and messaging guidelines, but Xerox was willing to take a risk when we encouraged them to color outside the lines.

We created a series of attention-grabbing infographics that looked nothing like the typical Xerox communication. The results were almost immediate — without any help from paid media, the infographics were shared organically among a large audience of IT professionals, with engagement that far surpassed expected outcome.


After the success of the infographics, we were asked to re-imagine Xerox's social voice to align with the company's new workflow-centric messaging strategy.  This time, we flipped the formula and kept the visuals tightly aligned with the Xerox style-guide, but the tone of the messaging was far more playful than any typical corporate communication.

A/B testing of testing these message versus their traditional counterparts quickly gave confidence to our theory, and Xerox soon discovered a previously untapped audience on social media.



Drupa, is the largest printing equipment convention in the world, known in the industry as "the printing Olympics." Every four years the titans of print travel to Germany and try and make a splash.
We were asked to create a series of infographics for Drupa to highlight recent advancements in Xerox’s publishing industry services: direct mail, photo, catalog, packaging, digital publishing and marketing.

These detailed infographics were published in 9 languages, and were featured at the convention in brochures, convention signage and posters.

For those who were unable to attend the conference we created a centralized content hub, which was accessible directly from the homepage.




We were asked to create Xerox's global citizen’s report, and to extend our quirky approach in a series of e-Books and brochures. Using bold infographics and striking imagery we continued to push the limits of what was expected from traditional Xerox communications.

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